A refund request is only viable within 48hr of purchase


Once you’ve submitted a refund request within 48 hours of purchase, the author will review it and may contact you for more information, or try and resolve your issue.


If your request was approved, we’ll let you know. Your request will then be sent to our Help Team to be processed and the studionemesis system will halt the transaction. Remember, once your refund has been processed, your right to use, download is revoked.


If the author declines your request, we’ll let you know that it is now closed. If you disagree with the decision, now will be the time to raise a dispute with us.

If your request was sent to the StudioNemesis Help-desk Team, one of our Help Officers will be in touch to assist you.

If your refund request is sent to an author you should expect to receive a response within five days. If this doesn’t happen, you can “raise a dispute”, which means you ask our StudioNemesis Help Team to look into it.

If your refund request is approved by the author, it is sent to the StudioNemesis Help Team for processing. This usually takes three to five business days.

You can “raise a dispute” and ask us to investigate your refund request. You can do so using the contact us page to contact our help-desk directly

You might want to raise a dispute if:

Your request is valid according to our Refund Rules, but the author has declined anyway,

You haven’t received a response from the author within five days.

Once we receive your request we will:

  •     Investigate all disputes,
  •     Re-open a refund that was previously closed, if necessary,
  •     Ask both you and/or the author for more information, in order to get a better idea of what’s going on,
  •     Review all the information,
  •     If your dispute relates to item support, try and contact the author to request support.

Remember: if we try and contact you to get more information but we don’t receive a response within five days, we will resolve the dispute based on the information we have available.

We strongly recommend you contact the author as soon as you have an issue with your item. When the issue is out of the author’s control—that’s when your request will go to our Help Team.

When handling refund requests for items purchased typical enquiries we receive are:

  •     Problems with making payments and completing purchases,
  •     Items that have been removed from a customer’s account.

Types of enquiries authors may receive are:

  •     The item is broken, malfunctioning or not as described,
  •     Mistaken purchases,
  •     Problems with item support.